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Master Degree

National Chung Cheng University Chemical Engineering Department Master Degree Course Completion Requirements

  1. Course Requirements
  • Students are required to complete graduate school courses approved by their advisors and the department heads, worth 34 credit hours. (This includes 4 credit hours of Graduate Seminars(I),(II),(III),(IV) and 6 credit hours of Master Thesis(I),(II),(III)) In addition to Graduate Seminars and Master Thesis, they are also required to have completed at least 18 credit hours worth of Department Elective Courses run by National Chung Cheng University Chemical Engineering Department (CCU CHE in abbreviation).
  • Compulsory Courses include “Reactor Engineering and Reactor Design”, “Advanced Transport Phenomenon”, and “Advanced Thermodynamics”. Students are further required NOT to have completed “Reactor Engineering and Reactor Design” and “Advanced Thermodynamics” in the same semester. Master Degree completion requirements: 1) During its undertaking all three Compulsory Courses must be taken and at least one of the Compulsory Courses must pass. 2) If only two of the Compulsory Courses are taken, both Compulsory Courses must pass.
  • Master students who want to sign up for Elective Courses from other departments must seek approval from their advisors, and a maximum of 6 credit hours will be counted towards the minimum of 34 credit hours needed for degree completion. They must submit such application to the department within the stipulated time. No application will be accepted once it’s over the stipulated time.
  • According to the Directives for National Chung Cheng University Academic Integrity Education, Master Degree student admitted from ROC Year 106(Inc.) onwards must complete the course Academic and Research Integrity Education within the first semester of admission. Upon showing proof of aforementioned course completion will the students be able to apply for examinations to complete their master degree courses. Students without the proof are prohibited from taking such examinations.
  1. Graduate Seminar

Master Degree students are required to undertake and pass the course Graduate Seminar for at least 4 academic semesters, but outstanding students approved by their advisors can be graduated in less than two years.

  1. Master Thesis
  • Must complete and pass the course Master Thesis for 3 semesters, but outstanding students approved by their advisors can be graduated in less than two years.
  • Students can seek approval from advisors for master thesis and must pass the Master Degree Examination.
  • While making application for final oral examination, Chemical Engineering Master Degree students should prepare the relevant review materials and submit one copy of thesis manuscript written in either Chinese or English. The format should follow the standards as that of the manuscript submitted to academic journals (the advisors shall provide the template). This is applicable to students admitted from ROC Year 97 onwards.

  Approval Form for Master Degree Students Applying for Elective Courses under Other Departments    ODT  DOC  PDF

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